Buzzedwords is a live discussion and game show featuring two interesting people, 20 forbidden words, and a bottle of whiskey, hosted by Jeff Kamin.

Two guests discuss their areas of expertise with the host. There are a selection of ten words each person is not allowed to say; if they say any of the words, they must drink. Not all of the words are in play at the same time; the words rotate at random, and are displayed behind the guests for the audience to see.


Guest experts are provided a ride home, courtesy of Uber.


Do they really have to drink that many shots? 

They’re not really drinking shots in the traditional. When a guest expert says a word they are not supposed to, they’re taking small, measured sips of their spirit of choice (generally 90 proof whiskey). We also emphasize to each guest expert that they are always in charge of how much they drink. It’s fun to watch someone smart slip up, but it’s not fun to watch someone actually suffer.

We also add “dummy shots” of iced tea instead of whiskey. These often disappoint our guest experts, but they are good for keeping the show going.

What if they don’t know when to cut themselves off? 

Host Jeff Kamin stays sober not only so he can outwit the guest experts, but so he can keep an eye on their intake as well. He’s basically the show’s Watchful Grumpy Dad.

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This is a Modern Antics original novelty event.